Julie Watt and Nichola Johnson are artists, designers, small business owners, and educators.  They bring a wealth of passion, knowledge and experience to every project.  Watt and Johnson get to know all the businesses they work with as if it were their own. 


Aside from Junic Creative Agency, the duo are the proud owners of a performing arts education program in a small town. They understand what it takes to operate a successful business and will bring that same passion and enthusiasm to your projects.  Think of them as your own personal Creative Department.  Let them handle what the public sees, so you can worry about what the public gets!

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Julie Watt, MFA

Nichola Johnson, MFA

Julie's background is in Graphic Design and Digital Media.  Julie has designed for small town ad agencies to big city corporations and everything in between for over 25 years. She brings cutting edge industry knowledge and years of personal experience to every project. Julie teaches Graphic Design and Digital Media at Norwich Technical High School and The University of New Haven. Julie is the Co-Director of The Complex Performing and Creative Arts Centre in Putnam, CT

Nichola's background is in Performing Arts and Arts Administration. She is a designer at heart and developer of spaces. Nichola thrives in creating experience and mentoring others to find and implement their voice, presence, and brand.  Nichola has served as Director, Associate Director, Marketing Director, and Educator in various creative spaces and platforms.  Nichola is the founding director of The Complex Performing and Creative Arts Centre in Putnam CT

We are small business owners that have gone through exactly what you are.  We have faced every issue you have, we have feared the unknown and questioned the why, and we have spent many sleepless nights! 


We understand how hard owning a business can be, whether it is a small town coffee shop or a big city law firm, there is no denying there are challenging times.  Our clients, and their businesses, become a part of us - we will work as hard for your success as we have for our own - if you own a business, you know the power of that statement.